Project management training – 30% off our great courses….

I have been asked many times to run a course, a worksho […]



OFFICIAL! Project sponsorship has been declared null and void.

At a meeting of the International Project Management Co […]

Do you use a project management checklist?

In October 1931, the U.S. Army Air Corps held a flight […]

Does your company do project management eLearning?

That was a question posed by a caller recently. Yes we […]

We need to spend more time educating our clients

I have worked in many companies delivering project mana […]

To project management certify or not…?

That is the question…. Now I know I may well upset a fe […]

The Pareto Principle is alive and well in project management

So let’s start with a definition or an understanding of […]

What do you need to let go of and what do you need to change?

I asked my wife, “what is this” holding up a canvas bag […]

Most project sponsors regularly make this mistake

Not briefing their project managers effectively enough. […]